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Join us and spread your music to the world one business at a time! At the same time, get paid revenue for your music that is 300x what the current streaming platforms pay you!
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The reason

Our mission has been the same.

Our mission has always been to help musicians monetize their music and to deliver better value to music.

What's in it for businesses?

Many business users of music believe they pay too much for the rights to play music on their premises.

What's in it for you, the musicians?

Ironically many musicians feel they miss out on fair payment because of lack of transparency in the current system.

Why choose us

Simple Licensing

We licence from you directly on a exclusive (only for B2B) basis. Payment is in line with the number of times your tracks get played in every location, every quarter.

Get heard!

Our goal as a company is to hit 1 million retail stores/businesses in India by 2021. So, get on the platform and start monetizing your music for the best royalties you'll get!

Revenue and Support

We're always happy to help the musicians we work with to achieve their goals.
We believe this approach is the best way to attract more into the fold.

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