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Music License Agreement

Is it an Exclusive agreement?


The copyright owner (the Musician) gives the licensee (Musicwhim - One Musicwhim Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.) an exclusive privilege only to distribute music to commercial establishments for background music and events. Musicians during the term of this agreement are not allowed to sign up with businesses of similar nature.

Can you or other copyright holders on your musical works be part PPL, IPRS, ISRA copyright societies and still apply?


Is it your responsibility as a licensor to inform other copyright holders when you sign an exclusive license agreement with Musicwchim?


How does Musicwhim pay licensors?

Musicwhim pays the copyright holder (musicians) on a quaterly basis in accordance with the royalty payouts specified in the “Music License Agreement”.

The payment will be made to the licensor’s bank account.

What are "live events"?

Live events include background music played for road shows, college festivals, product or brand launches, fashion shows etc.

Is it your responsibility as a licensor to distribute royalties to other copyright holders?


Does this mean you cannot distribute your music to iTunes, Spotify or YouTube?

You definitely can.

Please note that these music aggregators are B2C music streaming services meaning they distribute music to the public. You are completely free to sign up with these services. The license agreement does not cover B2C music streaming services.

We are a B2B music streaming service i.e., we distribute background music to businesses like retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls. The exclusive license is applicable only to B2B music streaming platforms.

Highlights of the License Agreement

Exclusivity: You give Musicwhim EXCLUSIVE privilege to distribute and/or broadcast the Musical work through the company's software services to businesses.

Royalties: Royalty rates per stream ranges from Rs 0.05 / stream to 2.5Rs / stream according to the type of business it is being streamed on and on the type of subscription.

Royalty Distribution: Musicwhim will not be responsible for the distribution of royalties among the various copyright holders (if any).

Copyright Societies: Your content should not be under PPL, IPRS, ISRA or any other copyright societies or similar organizations.

Term of the agreement: The agreement is for a duration of 1 year (365 Days).

How to check the stream count of songs

We make available the licensed songs to businesses via our software/website and we track the details of the songs being streamed. This means, we'll have a record of which customer streamed which musicians songs. As a musician, you'll get related information about the stream count of each song when your songs are streamed by our customer.

Accounts and Registration

Registration Form

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Name: You need to enter your LEGAL NAME here. This name is used in the "Music License Agreement".

Username: This is used for a unique URL for your profile.

Gender: Choose your gender you identify with.

Musician or Label: If you're a musician, choose "Musician". Else, if you're a Record Label, please choose "Record Label".

Phone number: Enter only the 10 digits, we'll use this number to get your Bank account information during the payment of royalties.

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