Pricing for Advertisers

Every step we take is to make sure our advertisers are authentic and upload only the best of ads that suit our business customers so that we can maintain a healthy ecosystem.

The pricing
Signup and Pay

First, you need to signup by filling a form and after which you pay the refundable fee of Rs 75,000#.

Upload an ad

From then, you can upload your ads and get it live! The cost* of these ads are deducted from the registration fee.

Continue to upload ads

You're entitled to upload ads without paying until you've exhausted your registration fee.

Start paying for ads

You need to pay for ads only when you've uploaded ads totalling a worth of the registration fee.

* The cost of each ad depends on the business and timeslot combintation selected and the cost for it is set by the businesses and not by Musicwhim.

# All currencies mentioned here are in Indian Rupees.

Desclaimer and Terms

The registration fee is currently set at Rs 75,000 and is subject to change without prior notice.

The refund of the registration fee can be done only by uploading ads whose costs sum up to the registration fee.

The price of each ad and the timeslots is not set by Musicwhim, but is instead set by the business users themselves. Thus any change in the prices or the timeslots is not under the control of Musicwhim and maybe subject to change without prior notice.

By uploading content as ads on the platform, you take complete responsibility to any and all content you upload.

The platform (and the company) is not liable for any damages or negative consequences (and/or opinions) that may be a result of your ad.

Any details and/or information available on the platform is designed to provide a rough idea only and should not be used to assess the rates or any other information about any of the businesses on the platform.

The ad will be played for the number of times you select from the list and no guarentees can be made about the timeframe within which the said ads are played in the business selected.