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Reach a new audience in an unprecidented scale. Spend 3 minutes and reach millions of people across the country! Signup and get the previlige of advertising in the most prominent shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, and many other places!

The reason

Simple way to upload and easy way to monitor

We have made it extremely simple to upload your ads. No confusion, no fuss. Monitor all of the ads, their stream counts and businesses assigned via one dashboard.

Advertise by enjoying the comforts of your home or office

We're primarily a web platform which means that you can advertise in any of our business customers locations where ever you are when ever you want with your phone, tablet or computer!

Control where and at what time each ad should be played

With all of your ads, you have the freedom to choose any business client and any of the timeslots they offer and how many ever timeslots you like! No restrictions of any kind!

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