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Music transforms the ambiance of your business. You know that, that's why you're here. We provide the best selections of curated music, for fraction of the cost you're currently paying!
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Features and perks

Licensed and legal music for a hassle free experience.

We personally acquire music by paying the utmost care to the type of the license which means you need not worry about the legalities.

This also means you no longer have to purchase any license from copyright societies if you use our songs!

Do you have ads? Do you hate installing software?

You can play your own ads at times you specify! With our premium plan, the third party ads will generate revenue for you!

There's no pain of installing and configuring any software! So, our platform is a web platform that works on all modern browsers!

Curated playlists at prices no one can offer!

We've curated playlists to cater to your every need! This means, all you have to do is hit play to get the best selections of music!

All of our processes are optimized to reduce costs, which means we provide the lowest price in the market!
We personally acquire music by paying the utmost care to the type of the license. We screen all music through ACRCloud's Copyright Compliance & De-duplication service to weed out any songs that infringed on previously copyrighted material.
We do Our homework

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Right Music

How to curate the right music for your business

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